Production process

Inside the company Pietro Coricelli you can see the whole production cycle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in which technology, competence, respect for tradition and passion for quality are inextricably linked.

A large area on the gentle slopes of a hill on the outskirts of Spoleto, which produces olives of the Leccino and Moraiolo varieties.

The Pietro Coricelli Oil Mill adopts the most advanced extraction technology to obtain high-quality cold-pressed oil.

Pietro Coricelli has a large range of tanks that provide suitable storage of the raw material, keeping it away from light and heat; there is also an area dedicated to the filtration and refining of the crude olive oil, a packaging department with state-of-the-art bottling lines, and efficient process and container inspection and control systems.

Pietro Coricelli pays the utmost attention to quality, as certified by the strict controls carried throughout the process: from the input of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.
The Company has a modern chemical and sensorial laboratory to competently perform routine analyses to verify the legal parameters, and to develop new analysis methods.
A highly specialised professional team guarantees the efficiency of the entire control process. The level of competence is confirmed by the different certifications of conformity to various quality standards which are recognised at international level.

Pietro Coricelli prides itself on guaranteeing processes, products and services of excellence, adopting the highest quality standards applicable to food companies. The company can boast a number of top level certifications concerning the following voluntary standards and regulations:

These certifications are a prerequisite for many customers; they also represent, for both customers and consumers, a further element of quality assurance and food safety.

Thanks to these awards, Pietro Coricelli has established important commercial relations, especially with international large retail stores, and continues to operate in new markets within a global marketplace that has become extremely demanding in terms of quality.

The strong attachment to these values and the belief that corporate reputation is closely linked to behaviors been developed, have brought Pietro Coricelli Company to voluntarily start a virtuous government of their activities starting from the formalization of an environment policy able to respect not only a territory, but also environmental legislation, and to define precise objectives for improving environmental performances in short and medium term.

Respect for people and communities, environment and natural resources protection in a perspective of growth and sustainable development.

Thus, the Pietro Coricelli was the first oil industry in Italy, from 2010, to put in place a project that aims to measure and verify the carbon footprint of the site, that is the total emissions of carbon dioxide generated during the process of product creation.
In fact, the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is now more and more felt by consumers who seek to favor the purchase of conscious companies products that work to improve environmental conditions.