Family Stories


Antonio Coricelli knocked on the door the house
where the Olive Oli merchant of
Mecenate lived. He was accompanied by his small
children. They had travelled far. All the
way from Spoleto near Perugia to the Acropolis.
But they were too late to find the
merchant. But the images inscribed on the
terracotta tiles told all there was to know of a
lifetime dedicated to olive oil.
On their way back Antonio and his children followed
the aroma of the olive oil route through Olimpia,
Corinth, Barcellona and Sevilla, bringing
back all they had learned.
Many years later Antonio Coricelli went back to
knock on the door of the Micene Oil Merchant.
This time he had his grandchildren with him.
This time too it was too late to
visit the merchant, but not too late to rediscover the
aroma and take it once more back
home with them.


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