since 1939


our group, our values

Every family’s story is part of history.
We want to share ours with you. But first, imagine a
photograph large enough to hold together four generations.
A portrait that includes all ofthe extended family
including those who, just by working in Coricelli,
consider this their home. They all have stories to tell, some
old, some contemporary, all authentic.
Each one with a unique and intense flavour that goes
straight to the heart. Like that of the
Coricelli family Oil. Enjoy your read.

Casa Coricelli recipes

Our cookbook

Pickled Fig, Robiola & Pistachio Oil

Ingredients for 12 servings ½ cup red wine vinegar 2 tbsp sugar 6 dried figs ¼ cup water 2 tbsp toasted, shelled pistachios ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 12 slices bread Robiola cheese Pistachio oil Recommended with: PISTACHIO OIL Preparation Combine red wine vinegar, sugar, and dried figs with water in a saucepan; bring to a simmer.…

Cool cucumber salad

Ingredients 1 fresh medium cucumber 2 oz. crumbled feta cheese ½ tsb dill 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 tbsp organic extra virgin olive oil Freshly ground sea salt and pepper Recommended with: ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Preparation At first, wash, peel and cut into thin slices cucumbers. Place cucumber slices on a rectangular serving…

Apple Chicken Stir-fry

Ingredients 4 large organic chicken breasts 2 red apples, Gala or Pacific Rose ½ cup coconut oil 1 tbsp sesame oil ¼ cup honey 2 – 3 cups of steamed wild rice 1 tbsp shredded ginger 2 cups of mushroom slices (of your choice) chopped green onions salt & pepper Recommended with: COCONUT OIL Preparation…


Ingredients 1½ cups whole almonds with skin ½ to ¾ cup (180 ml) argan oil 3 to 4 tbsp warm honey 1 to 2 tbsp granulated sugar 1/8 teaspoon salt Recommended with: ARGAN OIL Preparation Preheat your oven to 190°C (375°F). Wash the almonds and let them drain. Spread the almonds on a baking pan…

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PRESS RELEASE 10 November, 2015

With reference to the articles published today by a few local and national newspapers reporting about the surveys conducted by the Public Prosecutor of Torino following to the analysis published from the Consumers’ Magazine “Il Test” on May 2015, Pietro Coricelli S.p.A. deems appropriate to clarify the following: –          The analysis carried out firstly by…

Pietro Coricelli at FOODEX 2017

Join us in Tokyo for Foodex exhibition! From March 7th to 10th, we’ll be waiting for you at our booth in the Italian Pavilion, in Hall 2. You’ll find us at booth 46/47, don’t forget to drop by if you’re visiting Foodex!