Peppered mussels and clams with 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil aromatic toast

Peppered mussels and clams with 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil aromatic toast


1 kg mussels
1 kg clams
1 glass white wine
1 clove of garlic
1 sprigs rosemary
1 ciabatta loaf
100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

Recommended with:

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Rinse the clams and leave them in a bowl with cold water and cooking salt for at least one hour so that they expel the sand they contain. In the meantime, rinse the mussels and pull off their beards by hand, then rub them with a steel wool pad to remove any impurities from their surfaces. When they have stood for an hour, drain the clams and check that they do not contain any sand by tapping them against a chopping board one by one.

Place first the mussels then the clams in a large saucepan, put the lid on and cook over strong heat for a few minutes, stir and put the lid back on until the shells have opened. As soon as they open, drain the cooking liquid off the shellfish and filter it through a strainer to remove any impurities.

Chop the garlic very finely together with the rosemary needles and fry them gently in a frying-pan with plenty of extra virgin olive oil. When the garlic starts to turn golden, use some of the oil to season the bread, sliced very thinly. Turn on the grill of your oven at full heat. Place the slices on an oven tray and grill the bread until golden. Put the oil in the pan back on the heat, add the wine and evaporate off, then add the filtered cooking liquid from the clams and mussels. Cook gently for a few minutes to combine the flavours and add the clams and mussels, which had been set aside. Sprinkle with plenty of pepper, stir and serve at once with the herbal toast.

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