Reverse caprese

Reverse caprese

Ingredients per 8 serves

1 mozzarella cheese da 1 kg
300 gr cherry tomatoes
50 gr olives
1 piece of bread
1 basil leave
Extra virgin olive oil


Put the basil in infusion in a glass of extra virgin olive oil. The more it stays, the best it tastes, so the advice is to infuse it the night before.
Remove the mozzarella cheese from its water (but do not throw out, it can be used in case of remainances), cut the top and put aside.
With a sharp knife and a parent near you, make an incision along the perimeter of the mozzarella cheese, in about 1 cm and go deeper in 2/3 of the total, remove the internal part to create a pot.
Cut the removed mozzarella cheese in cubes. Clean and dry cherry tomatoes and cut them in 4 parts, draining them. In a plate, put pieces of cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese cubes, olives and dress with salt and extra virgin olive oil. Well mix and blend. Cut the bread in cubes, dress with olive oil, add salt and toast. Dry the «mozzarella cheese pot» with kitchen towel and full with salad before serving. Decorate with fresh basil and bread cubes.

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