Frankestein soup

Frankestein soup


Spinach 250 g
Broccoli 300 g
Peas300 g
Carrots 1
Celery 1 stick
Black Rice  200 gr
Salt to taste
vegetarian broth
Extra virgin olive oil
Water 1 l


To make the Frankstein soup, an adult has to cut the celery and the carrot in big pieces, pour them in salted water and make them boil;  in the meantime they can clean broccolis, cut the florets from the central stem and put them in a bowl.

Children can clean spinach, remove the hardest part of the stem and put them aside.
When water will reach the boiling point, pour broccolis, make them cook for about 5 minutes, then add spinaches and also peas.
Boil for 20 minutes more, if the water decreases too much, add some vegetable broth.
When the vegetables  will be cooked, remove the celery and carrots and mince the vegetables with a mixer to make a cream.
In a high pot, boil salted water, then pour the black rice and leave for 20 minutes or for the suggested cooking time.
When it is cooked, drain and dress with olive oil.
Now complete the soup: take two large glasses (about 190ml) and with a marker pen paint the main parts of Frankestein’s face: the  eyebrows, eyes and mouth;
Then pour the soup into the glasses and decorate the top with a pair of black rice tablespoons: they will be Frankestein’s hair.
And now…your  Frankestein soup is ready!

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